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Teesside / Cleveland and North Yorkshire

With its wealth of heritage and areas of unspoilt beauty Teesside (this area was previously known as Cleveland and to some it will always remain so) has become a popular destination for visitors. Along its thirty miles of coastline visitors can enjoy a mixture of popular holiday resorts, peaceful fishing villages and secluded coastal walks. Further inland areas of wooded countryside, barren heath and picturesque villages lie between the larger industrial conurbations. These areas of heavy industry have become attractions in their own right, as the impact of the iron and steel industries have been keenly recorded in many innovative new attractions and museums.

It was the advent of the railways, and in particular the Stockton to Darlington line built in 1825, which heralded a new prosperity for the local population after years of subsistence farming and fishing. It brought with it the lucrative iron, steel and related industries and although much of this heavy industry has long since disappeared its importance to the region is still evident.

More recently Teesside has been targeted as an area for redevelopment. Many of the new building projects capitalize on the region's rich industrial heritage, often converting derelict land into more prosperous commercial and domestic sites. Hartlepool, which has over the years seen the disappearance of its ship building industry, has been one such area of new investment. The conversion of the old port into a massive new marina development, known as "Jackson Landing", has brought many new jobs and much needed business back into the area. It is based on the American style of factory shopping mall, and combines shops and restaurants with first class boating berths.

Maritime activities have always been an important part of the region's life. Indeed, it was in the village of Great Ayton that the future Captain Cook spent his childhood. At 17 he found work in the fishing village of Staithes before going on to become one of the greatest explorers in British history. Visitors can take now enjoy a 70 mile circular drive - "the Captain Cook Country Tour" which takes them through many parts of Teesside and on to Whitby from where Cook made his famous sea voyages.

The number and variety of places to visit within Teesside is overwhelming. In addition to the visitor centres, museums and galleries, the Hartlepool Nuclear Electric Power Station offers tourists a glimpse at the ultimate in modern technology. This juxtaposition of old and new within Teesside makes this one of the most fascinating areas to visit in Britain.


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